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Ohio Premier Lacrosse is the premier girls lacrosse club in Northeast Ohio. Our mission is to improve the level of girl's lacrosse from the youth through high school level. The Ohio Premier program will require your biggest commitment, athletically and personally. We guarantee it will bring out your absolute best as a player—and maximize your exposure to college recruiters. Players are coached by a combination of select college & high school coaches, goalie specialists & former & current college players. Ohio Premier teams practice during the summer, fall & winter and travel to regional & national tournaments. Ohio Premier athletes are encouraged to play other sports and be involved in other activities within their schools & communities. We are committed to helping each player improve her lacrosse skills while at the same time maintaining balance in her life.



Lacrosse is the fastest growing NCAA sport among all sports. With over 500 NCAA women’s programs (DI, DII, DIII) and over 250 club programs, there is an opportunity to play at the college level for every player. Ohio Premier Lacrosse can help you develop your skills to improve your game. We offer year round programs including summer & fall/winter travel teams (practice players included), summer/fall/winter programming including skills and leagues.






COACHING: We provide the best coaches in the area, many with collegiate playing experience as well as high school coaching and college coaching experience. Our coaches are invested in growing the game of lacrosse in Northeast Ohio. We find it incredibly important for our players to learn from someone who was once in their shoes and knows what it takes to perform at any level. 


EXPOSURE: Our players are exposed to not only the best competition but to college coaches from all levels. It makes it easier to find a college that meets your needs! With the vast amount of college playing and coaching experience our coaches have, OP is built to guide you through the exposure process. Playing against the best competition in the nation allows us to grow as individuals and as a team. If you want to be the best, you have to play the best! This is a great way to gauge where we stand nationally as individuals and as a program! 


DEVELOPMENT: Lastly, it’s not only about the final destination (college) but it's about the journey (player development). We focus intensely on our players development throughout each season, providing 9-12 practices as well as chalk talks to improve lax IQ and performance training to improve player athleticism. We provide player feedback so our players know where they need to focus and improve in order to better perform on the field. Player development is the engine that drives our program. It is and will always be our primary focus, our goal is to help mold the player into the very best version of themselves, either by adding new skills to their repertoire or by creating and cultivating new ones for the player to succeed.


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